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State lawmakers came through yet another on-time budget this week hours before the fiscal year began.

We told you this week about what kind of support the county and city can expect, but a big part of the budget revolves around education.

For school districts, it comes down to three things: state aid, Common Core and universal pre-K.

As far as funding in the Batavia City School District, Superintendent Chris Dailey says it’s good, but not great news.

“They’ve given back some more foundation aid which is good for us, as well as some of our gap elimination adjustment aid,” he said. “We’re still giving back though $690,000 away back to the state.”

The aid increase will allow it to stay under a two percent tax cap in Batavia, but the aid was not as good for the rest of the county. Dailey said Genesee County was the third-lowest increase rate in the state.

The budget also designated $340 million to UPK – nearly 90 percent of which goes to New York City. BCSD already has half-day, but that could change in the 2015-16 school year.

“We’re going to continue to do our half-day UPK next year and study the different models that the state is accepting for full-day to make sure there will be funding long-term in order to do full-day,” he said.

With Common Core, the only change is that student promotion will not be tied to test results, which Dailey said the district was already doing. Dailey says they were hoping the effects on teacher evaluations would be delayed, but that’s not the case.

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