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Local governments in New York State often have to find ways to consolidate, combine or otherwise pinch pennies.

The Genesee County Legislature is implementing a new plan to do just that, with some other added benefits.

Instead of heaps of paper, Genesee County legislators can now conduct their business and review official material on shiny, thin iPad Airs.

“We’ve procured nine iPad Airs and are now sending them their information and they can pull up both their agendas as well as all their back-up information for their committee meetings and their legislative meetings,” County Manager Jay Gsell.

Although that sounds expensive, Chair Ray Cianfrini told legislators that the county spends $35,000 a year on printing agendas and back-up information alone.

That equals almost 1,200 and 5 million pieces of paper a year.

Naturally the next benefit of the iPads is environmental.

“As formalized as the agenda and the back-up things and the resolutions that our departments bring to the legislators, it’s a pretty good way to start showing that conservation effort,” Gsell said.

After some time to get acquainted, the iPads were in full effect for Wednesday’s Ways and Means meeting.

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