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The City of Batavia is suing the City Centre Mall Association for $805,000 in back rent.
The city also wants to terminate its lease agreement with the association for the use of the mall concourse.
The city and the mall association have been at legal loggerheads for years.
The dispute is mainly over just who is responsible for the maintenance of the mall concourse.
The city says the mall association is responsible under the terms of its one-dollar per year lease.
The mall association has argues that since the city owns the concourse, it is responsible.
The city, in court papers filed late last week and obtained by WBTA, claims that the fair market rent for the mall concourse is $57,000 and the Mall Association has spent no where near that amount maintaining the concourse.

This note for motorists who use the Byron Road: it remains closed this morning between Griswold Road and Walkers Corners Road due to a drainage culvert that has collapsed.
The county highway department has determined the road is under mined and a hazard to all traffic.
WBTA News partner The Batavian reports that a four year old child reportedly fell into the crater while riding a bicycle. The child was not hurt.
The county will be investigating long term solutions today.
Your best bet is to detour over Caswell Road.

Legislation is in the works in Albany to cut down on motorists who drive through the EZ-Pass lanes without the EZ-pass Transponder. According to the proposal, drivers who get more than five toll violations within 18 moths could get their registration suspended.  Over the past five years toll evaders in New York State have failed to pay a total of 150 million dollars in tolls.

Senator Chuck Schumer is visiting a Rochester brewery today to speak out against a proposal he says would hurt craft brewers.  Schumer will be at Rohrback's Brewing Company to discuss the federal Food and Drug Administration plan to regulate spent grain.  Schumer says many brewers give the grain to farmers to use as livestock feed, but the FDA rule would regulate the grain as commercial feed.  Brewers say it would be cheaper to trash the grain than adhere to the new rules.

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