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As workers repair the culvert that collapsed Saturday in Byron…more details about the family present when it caved in.

Byron-Batavia Road between Griswold Road and Walkers Corners Road remains closed today because the county highway department has determined the road is undermined and a hazard to all traffic.

Korinne Haymon said it was her husband and two children who were out riding their bikes when the culvert gave out right underneath them.

She said they went to check out what looked like a ground hog hole, so they stopped to check it out and “when he set his foot down to stop the bike and set his foot down, it crumbled the rest of the way and they went tumbling towards the hole,” Haymon described. “My 7-year-old was able to get out of the buckle and (jump like) ‘Superman’ out of the hole, while Maddox, the 4-year-old, tumbled out the carrier into the hole.”

The 7-year-old was quick enough to jump over the hole as it collapsed, she said. But that left her husband and the 4-year-old stuck in the deep hole. Her husband was able to lift the child over his head to push him out, but that meant he was still stuck.

“He pulled the bike the rest of the way in,” she said, “so he could prop the carrier up and try to get out. He said everything he grabbed earth it was just crumbling.”

He eventually used the bike and carrier as a ladder stacked on top of each other to get out.

Haymon said the family was shaken up, but happy it wasn’t worse.

“I told him, ‘Just focus that everyone’s fine,’” she said. “I’m just glad it wasn’t a motorcycle driver or someone in their car that hit the hole. Everyone keeps asking how we’re doing and I keep saying ‘They’re fine.’ They were kind of traumatized the first day after, but you have to just focus on the good and we’re just so happy that everyone’s fine.”

County Highway superintendent Tim Hens says in his 16 years on the job, this is the second culvert to collapse. He said most of the time the department is ahead of the game, but this time, Mother Nature beat them to the punch.

(photo via Howard Owens of our news partner, The Batavian).

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