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Investigators are still trying to determine how a Batavia woman died Sunday evening.

There is still no cause of death for 38-year-old Summer Ogden.

Ogden was found unresponsive on the front steps at 131 Jackson Street where she was later pronounced dead.

Detective Eric Hill says it’s unknown how much time passed between when Ogden collapsed until police were called.

“It was a relatively short time between the time a couple of witnesses saw her awake and OK and when they got back and saw her passed out and unresponsive,” Hill said.

Hill says an autopsy has been performed in Monroe County, but those results are not available yet. Investigators are also waiting on toxicology reports. Hill says it’s unclear if she was intoxicated or under the influence of any substances.

While foul play appears unlikely this early on in the investigation, officers are keeping the door open as possibility.

Ogden was well known to veteran police officers, appearing in reports the last several years. Hill says it’s the nature of the job.

“Anyone who is in this situation is a victim,” Hill said. “It doesn’t matter if we’ve had contact with you in the past or if we’ve had no contact with you. Ultimately, it comes down to the same level of service being offered to everyone. You could be a suspect yesterday and a victim today.”

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