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The adultery charge against Susanne Corona of Batavia has been dropped.
Corona appeared this afternoon in City Court with her lawyer, Brian Degnan. As part of a plea deal, Corona pled guilty to public lewdness, and Judge Michael Del Plato waived the rare adultery charge.

But it took some time to get there.

The public lewdness charge was brought back in June by a police officer, who says he saw Corona and Justin Amend of Oakfield having sexual intercourse on a picnic table.
But Corona has maintained that never happened. And today, she stuck by her word. The judge asked her if she admitted to exposing her intimate parts in a public place. Corona said, “No, I did not.” After some discussion, Corona was asked if she admitted to committing a lewd act. “Yes,” she replied. But when asked if she admitted to having sexual contact with another person, Corona replied, “No, your honor, I was engaged in an inappropriate act.”
The judge directed attorney Brian Degnan to leave the courtroom and hold conference with Corona. When they returned, Judge Del Plato asked Corona just one question: “Do you admit that on June 4th, 2010, at approximately 5:15pm in Farrall Park, you did commit a lewd act?” Corona replied, “Yes,” to which the judge said, quote: “Great.”

Outside the courtroom, Corona said she’s happy to have the adultery charge dropped.

"I believe it's a private matter between husband and wife.  And the government steps in your lives in so many different areas, and everyone has a different type of marriage."

Corona’s attorney, Brian Degnan, says the dropped charge is a big victory for him.

"It was very important to my client, and as long as my client is happy, I'm satisfied."

Suzanne Corona will return to Batavia City Court on October 20th at 1:00pm for sentencing. As part of her plea deal, she is guaranteed no jail time.


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