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The potential gift of a Downtown Batavia building may have a few strings attached.

On Monday, Chuck Brumsted – owner of the former Bistro Cristina’s – announced that he will donate the remains of his fire-destroyed restaurant to a local non-profit.

But the property may not come without a price. WBTA News has learned there are 9 code violations against the vacant lot; several regarding the safety of the one remaining building.

The violations include:

1) A fence is installed around the property without proper building permits;
2) Roof covering has loose and missing materials, leaving portions of the building open to weather, and roof covering is not "sound and tight" on southeast side;
3) Southeast wall has missing mortar and holes exposing the inside of the building;
4) Exterior walls are cracked, broken, and missing mortar, and exterior wood surfaces are missing finish and not properly protected to prevent deterioration;
5) Hand rails and guards are missing from the front stairs and ramp, creating a hazard;
6) The door on the southeast wall is damaged and does not properly operate;
7) The glazing on the front door is boarded over with plywood;
8) Electrical wiring, conduit, and an electrical panel box on the southeast side are exposed to weather;
9) The structure's vacant appearance is creating a blighting condition on the neighborhood

City Code Enforcement Officer Douglas Randall writes that the “vacant appearance of the building is a blight on the neighborhood.” He also says Brumsted has been contacted about the violations 3 times since October of last year, with no response.

Chuck Brumsted is due in Batavia City Court tomorrow morning to answer to the charges. He currently resides in Boynton Beach, Florida.

PHOTO: Former Bistro Cristina's property on Monday

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