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A sentencing in Genesee County Court this morning.  County Court Judge Robert Noonan gave 45 year old Thomas Wallace of Ohio  a 3 to 9 year sentence in state prison following a guilty plea on a charge of second degree manslaughter.


Wallace is the tractor-trailer truck driver, whose vehicle ran into the rear of a disabled car, killing the driver.  It happened last December on the Thruway in Pembroke.

It was alleged that Wallace was watching a pornographic movie on his laptop computer at the time of the accident.  State Police also said Wallace had been on duty for 27 hours and had  falsified his log book and was driving on only four hours sleep.

33-year-old Julie Stratton of Amherst was killed in the crash.

Stratton’s car had struck a deer and became disabled in the driving lane. Troopers questioned why so many other motorists were able to avoid her car but Wallace could not.

Wallace was interviewed by State Police and admitted what he was doing at the time of the fatal accident.  Again the sentence for truck driver Thomas Wallace was 3 to 9 years on the manslaughter charge.




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