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Carl Paladino has sent his ultimatum to Democrat Andrew Cuomo: “Come out and debate like a man!”

Paladino made the statement during a 3-minute commercial aired on Buffalo-area television stations at 5:13pm this evening. In the commercial, Paladino addressed several issues – but first, he dealt with the one that’s been on everyone’s mind: his verbal fight with New York Post reporter, Fred Dicker.

“I want to talk to you about what happened last week,” Paladino led off. “I’m a builder, not a politician. When somebody went after my ten-year-old daughter, I got angry.”

Paladino noted that the New York Times has now confirmed that a New York Post photographer was commissioned to take pictures of Paladino’s daughter, who was born of an affair out of wedlock. Paladino says he confronted a Post reporter and photographer twice, but they kept coming back. That resulted in the showdown at Lake George’s Sagamore Hotel & Resort.

“For weeks, the media has badgered me about affairs – because unlike a career politician, I was honest enough to acknowledge that she was my daughter,” Paladino claims. “Does the media ask Andrew (Cuomo) such questions? Andrew’s ‘prowess’ is legendary!”

Paladino went on to say the race for governor shouldn’t be made about affairs or divorces. He instead listed issues like:

- New York’s taxes (“…the highest in the country…”)
- Spending and debt (“…wildly out of control…”)
- New York’s current legislature (“…many…are crooks…”)
- Job loss (“…our state is hemorrhaging jobs…”)

Then Paladino listed the key points of his plan, should he take office, saying he is “not afraid to implement it.” His plan includes:

- Cutting taxes by 10%, and spending by 20%
- Safe, clean, environmentally-friendly drilling for oil and gas in New York’s Marcellus Shale Region, which Paladino says would generate 50,000 jobs
- Tough, new ethics laws for politicians, including full disclosure of outside income
- A non-partisan special prosecutor, with full subpoena power “to root out corruption

Paladino then turned his sights on Andrew Cuomo, urging the Democratic candidate for governor to “stop the political posturing and Albany games.” Paladino accused Cuomo of wanting to exclude third-party candidates Charles Barron, Kristin Davis, and Howie Hawkins; respectively, the only African-American candidate, the only female candidate, and the Green Party candidate.

“I just don’t understand,” said Paladino, staring straight into the camera. “Come out and debate like a man!”

Paladino’s campaign chairwoman, Nancy Naples, then came on-screen and spoke for about forty seconds. She eschewed Cuomo for having “$20-million of Albany insider money” in his campaign war chest. Naples urged Republican, Conservative, and Tea Party sympathizers to make emergency contributions to the Paladino campaign: “Send whatever you can,” she said. “The fight has just begun.”

A Quinnipiac poll released earlier today showed Andrew Cuomo with a 53% to 37% lead over Carl Paladino in the race for governor. Many see tonight’s campaign ad as an attempt by the Paladino campaign to overcome those lopsided poll numbers.

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