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Kathleen CatinoA Batavia mom has been arrested for allegedly slipping drugs to her son in jail.
Sheriff’s deputies say 59-year-old Kathleen Catino of Seven Springs Road passed a quantity of Oxycodone to her son, 39-year-old Cain Catino.
Cain is the same man police say walked into the Oakfield Pharmacy last month demanding drugs and was tackled to the floor by the pharmacist and other store employees.
Kathleen has been charged with possession and sale of a controlled Cain Catinosubstance along with promoting prison contraband. She has been jailed without bail.
Cain is in jail from the Oakfield robbery and is now facing additional charges of drug possession and promoting contraband.

The sentence is one to three years in prison for a Batavia man who led police on a high-speed chase this summer, a chase that only ended when he ran out of gas.
27-year-old Randy Rumble of State Street was sentenced in Genesee County Court. He must also pay a 2-thousand dollar fine and once out of jail, he will have to get one of those ignition interlock devices on any car he may drive. The chase, on August 1st, led police from Avon into LeRoy until Rumble’s car ran dry.

A Livingston County man is under arrest for allegedly breaking into a home.  Police say 25-year-old Juan Reyes, an illegal immigrant living in Lima, was tracked down by a K-9 shortly after Tuesday night's incident.
Police say it does not appear that anything was stolen. Reyes is being held on $5,000 bail on misdemeanor charges.  

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo says he will legalize same-sex marriage if elected. 
Cuomo's comments last night at a gay rights group dinner in Manhattan come shortly after his Republican opponent Carl Paladino said he didn't want children brainwashed into thinking homosexuality is as valid an option as being heterosexual. 

Democratic attorney general candidate Eric Schneiderman wants to target green fraud if he's elected to office.  Schneiderman says he would want to focus on companies that offer products or services with false environmental claims.  Schneiderman's targeting of green fraud would be in line with newly released Federal Trade Commission guidelines for companies. 

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# Greg
Friday, October 15, 2010 3:34 PM
I believe it is time for all of us to show what we think about legalize same sex Marriage like Cuomo is for.The answer is NO. I have asked Assemblyman Steve Hawley to bring this up to the Chamber so we could Vote on it.

Now we can with what Cuomo has said.If we elect Cuomo than it is so, if we elect Paladino than it can't happen.I have heard BIBLE Verses and all of the rest.
This means nothing to me Bible Verses. What really means something to me is the thought of (since I am a male) of havving one Male having Sex with another( a sweaty 45 year old with another,instead of a 28 year old ).
That sickens me and that is all this is about. I wiill vote for Paladino.
If any one out here thinks the same way I do than speak out don't you think this is enough. If Cuomo gets elected than we have to go along with it because that is what this Country is about the Vote, and I will go along with it.
Greg Caryk
Batavia, N,Y,

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