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They’re not going away quietly.

The licensed plumbers of the City of Batavia have delivered their ultimatum to City Manager Jason Molino: get a qualified plumbing inspector, or face the legal music.

In a letter to Molino dated for Tuesday, the licensed plumbers claim the entire plumbing board of the City of Batavia is not qualified - including the inspector, journeyman plumber, and chief engineer.

Attorney Brian Degnan is representing the plumbers. He says it’s an issue of safety.

"New York State has the New York general city laws, and the Batavia City Charter, which aren't being followed," says Degnan. "(It's) creating a health and safety concern for every resident in the city: who's inspecting the plumbing?"

The plumbers say if the city doesn’t appoint qualified people to the board by one week from today, they’ll sue.

City Manager Jason Molino confirms that the city “has received a letter from an attorney representing a group that purports to be a master plumber’s association.” Molino says the city will continue to handle the matter, as it already has been doing.

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