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It’s a cool $1-million for a Genesee County man who says he had fallen on hard times.

64-year-old Randy Bennett of Oakfield is the latest million-dollar winner in the New York Lottery. Randy was presented with his oversized check at the Wilson Farms store in his hometown today.

He bought his winning 500-Million Dollar Extravanganza ticket at that same Wilson Farms on October 19th. Randy says he was headed out the door, scratching the ticket – when he saw something unbelievable in his hand.

"I saw the picture of the coin, so my first thought was, 'Well, I got my money back,'" Bennett recalls.

"Then I slowly scratched from the right-hand side, and when I saw three zeros, then I (was) really took back...and I saw two more zeros, and then I got so excited I just scratched the whole thing off and just stood there.

"This really hasn't sunk in."

Bennett has already won big before – several years ago, he scratched a $5,000 ticket. Then last year, Bennett grabbed $25,000 in another scratch-off game.

But he says this $1-million comes after what he describes as a bitter divorce. And Randy plans to help those who helped him through.

"Firstly, I'm going to stand by those people who stood by me when I was going through hard times," says Bennett. "And then I'm going to fix my yard up - that's for sure.

"Maybe down the road, I might do something for myself. But I'm going to take care of those people who stood by me first."

Randy also plans to retire just a bit earlier now. He's currently a production supervisor at the Mizkan's condiment plant in Lyndonville.

The prize will be paid out $50,000 a year for the next twenty years. After taxes, that's $33,015 a year, or $660,300 overall.

"You read about people winning this stuff - you never think it's going to happen to you," laughs Bennett. "But trust me, it does.

"I'm living proof right now."

PHOTO: (from left) Jennifer Janker, Wilson Farms District Manager; Bennett; Gretchen Dizer, NYS Lottery

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