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Another Time Warner Cable disagreement may cause Genesee County residents to lose some of their favorite TV stations.

The dispute is between Time Warner and Sinclair Broadcast Group. According to Sinclair’s website, Time Warner Cable resells content to its viewers by buying it from companies like Sinclair. But Time Warner won’t pay what Sinclair wants. Sinclair confirms that they are instituting a rate hike, but insists that "the per subscriber increase we are seeking for each of the stations is substantially less than a penny a day." Sinclair goes on to say they "can't imagine why (Time Warner) wouldn't agree to pay it."

Sinclair also insinuates that Time Warner has a more sinister motive in mind by prolonging the contract disagreement. Sinclair writes on their website:

"Although it is difficult to speculate on Time Warner's motivations, we do note that Time Warner has expressed a strong interest in having the government change the rules in order to favor them in these negotiations, and it may be that they are hoping to use an impasse with Sinclair to encourage governmental action."

33 stations nationwide are running the risk of having their content removed from Time Warner's broadcast slate. In our area, it includes WUHF-FOX Rochester, WUTV-FOX Buffalo, and WNYO My-TV Buffalo. The conflict also includes two stations in Syracuse.

The current agreement runs out on New Years Eve, so you may wake up with no FOX cable television on New Year’s Day. You will still be able to receive those channels over-the-air with a digital antenna, or via satellite.

Two years ago, a similar Time Warner Cable contract dispute led to Buffalo's CBS affiliate, WIVB, being pulled from Time Warner's broadcast slate. That dispute came to a head when a Buffalo Bills game failed to air on local cable because of the disagreement. In that instance, both sides were eventually able to compromise.

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# TP Hunt
Wednesday, November 10, 2010 8:07 PM
Be advised Time Warner; if you lose Fox channels, you are going to lose me as a long time customer!
# daniel sadowski
Thursday, November 11, 2010 4:03 PM
If FOX's programming is so valuable, FOX should be charging their advertisers a higher rate. As a viewer, I have to endure 8 minutes of commercials for 22 minutes of programming. The viewer shouldn't have to pay a higher premium for a family of channels that feature advertising.

@ TP Hunt: Are you willing to have your cable bill go up another dollar just to keep FOX? We, the subscribers, are the ones who have to pay for the increase.

Time Warner is not at fault. It is the greedy individuals at FOX who threaten to cut service if their demands are not met. I suggest that concerned viewers contact FOX, not Time Warner, and let them know how they feel.

We had to endure this same situation approximately a year ago with the MTV family of networks. Our cable rates increased shortly thereafter.

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