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On Monday, Scott Doll returns to Genesee County.
The man convicted of brutally beating Joseph Benaquist to death will have another day in court. This time, it’s a jury trial, over Doll’s allegedly bringing drugs into the County Jail after his murder conviction earlier this year. Jail officers allegedly found a green balloon taped to Doll’s buttocks that day. It was filled with a white powdery substance. That later turned out to be nothing more than crushed aspirin.
Nonetheless, Doll pled not guilty to the charge of Promoting Prison Contraband, and will now return to our area for his trial.
Doll is currently serving a 15-year prison sentence for his conviction on murder charges.

Also on Monday, Ronald Wendt will receive his sentence in County Court for DWI and aggravated vehicular homicide.
Wendt was convicted in relation to a car crash back in August, 2009, when he pulled in front of a vehicle outside My Saloon in Corfu. Three passengers in that car were seriously injured; a fourth, Katie Stanley of Dansville, was killed.
A jury found that Wendt had been driving drunk after drinking beer in a farm field all day.
Wendt faces up to 25 years in prison.

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