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Just like you knew it would, business is booming for the makers of Four Loko beverages. The so-called “blackout in a can” is pulling in big dollars lately as the brand has been getting national attention – even though that attention is not good.

But at least one local retailer has pulled the drinks from his shelves and refuses to sell them. Tony Angotti is the owner of Angotti Beverage on Jackson Street, and has been in business in Batavia for 28 years.

Tony says even for a liquor store, Four Loko crosses the line.

"The combination of ingredients that they put in these drinks, contradicts each other," says Angotti. "You're talking 12-percent alcohol, and there's enough caffeine in there that it's equivalent to six cups of coffee.

"So you can see what that's doing to your system."

Tony says he has kids and grandkids – and wouldn’t want his only family harmed by the drink.

"I don't want to see people getting hurt on items that I sell," says Angotti. "And if Four Loko is causing so much heartache and so many problems across the nation, I don't want to be part of it.

"Yes, there's a lot of sales that were lost. But I'd rather lose the sale than lose my integrity."

Angotti has also pulled similar alcoholic energy drinks from the shelves, like Joose and Sparks malt beverages.

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