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In her own words today, Suzanne Corona spoke about the end of her ordeal: "It's been a long time coming."

Corona was sentenced today in Batavia City Court for her role in a summertime sexual fling on a picnic table in Farrall Park - a bizarre case that eventually garnered worldwide attention. Judge Michael DelPlato handed down one year's probation and a state-mandated $200 surcharge. And with that, Suzanne Corona's legal troubles were over.

Corona's case had begun back in June, when she was accused of having sex in public with a man who was not her husband. Young children and their parents apparently witnessed the rendezvous and called police. Corona was charged with the rare count of Adultery, which first attracted attention from nearby cities, then eventually from as far away as Great Britain. After first denying that the incident was sexual and vowing to challenge the Adultery charge, Corona eventually accepted a plea deal in August, which negated Adultery and left her guilty of only a misdemeanor Public Lewdness charge.

In court today, Corona said only that she has been attending therapeutic sessions on her own accord, for both mental and alcoholic rehabilitation. Outside the courtroom, Corona said the sessions have helped her begin to turn her life around.

"I'm getting tremendous help," said Corona. "It's been very beneficial to me and my family."

Corona will continue to attend rehab sessions. Under the terms of her probation, she's also required to abstain from drinking alcohol and misusing non-prescription drugs.

Just ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, Corona said this is one time in her life when she feels truly grateful.

"I'm thankful for everything," she said. "I'm glad it's over. We can start the new year fresh...and be done with this drama."

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