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19 year old Jonathon Lamagna appeared in Genesee County Court this morning for sentencing on charges of Assault and Coercion both in the second degree.
District Attorney Kevin Finnell presented a written deposition by the  owner of the Playmates strip club that added disturbing detail to the incidents of assault.
According to her statement after she had kicked both Lamagna brothers out of the strip club for harassing other customers and ripping down Halloween decorations she found the assault victim Elliott Arnold outside in the middle of playmates parking lot bloodied and beaten.
She attempted to drag him to the porch of the establishment when Scott Lamagna came from behind grabbed Arnold by the shirt and punched him repeatedly in the face.  As she attempted to pull Scott from the victim screaming "Stop, Stop you're going to kill him" Jonathon is said to have kicked the victim in the head and later in the ribs.
The stature and medical condition of Arnold was also brought to the courts attention as he is said to be a liver transplant recipient, short and only around 100 pounds, described as "meek" and "meager" by Finnell.
Jonathon took the opportunity before being sentenced to read a written statement that started by saying "I feel drugs and alcohol played a part in my actions.  I accept full responsibility for what I did."
Jonathan was sentenced to 5 years in prison and 3 years post release supervision along with one year for the coercion conviction which will be served concurrently.
Jonathans brother Scott Lamagna was also seen for sentencing but was represented by Attorney Thomas Burns.
DA Finnell brought up recorded phone conversations between both brothers and their family members while being held in the Genesee County Jail as evidence that the brothers had no remorse for their actions and were only working on reducing their sentences.
Defense Attorney Burns said he was not provided the transcripts or a copy of the tapes for his own review and did not want to set a precedent for such an "ambush" of information in Genesee County.
The Judge granted Burns an adjournment of sentencing to review the "CD" of phone conversations provided by DA Finnell.
Sentencing for Scott Lamagna was rescheduled for February 17th at 9:45 a.m.
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