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The Rotary Club of Batavia has come up with a new fund raising idea, new in Batavia anyway.
It is a Meat Raffle and it is scheduled for April 7th at Sacred Heart Social Hall

Rotary has a long and enviable track record of funding youth activities and social services over its nearly 100 year history.
But the club needed to replace its main fundraiser, a Corvette give-a-way, when legal issues last year hampered internet sales of raffle tickets.

Here is how a meat raffle works:

People pay to attend, in this case $5, and then they can buy raffle tickets for each item as it becomes available. For example, the person running the raffle holds up five pounds of bacon and says the bacon will go to the next auction winners.  Participants then have five minutes to buy raffle tickets, each numbered from 1-7, for $1 each. Then the person spins the raffle wheel and each person with the winning number (yes, there can be more than one winner) wins five pounds of bacon. 

There will be 20 such raffles, including not just bacon, but steaks, chickens, turkey, roasts and ribs.Persons attending are reminded to bring a cooler to carry home their winnings.

The meat raffle has been a successful fund raiser for other non-profits and service clubs. Expect to hear more about this meat raffle from Batavia Rotarians in the weeks ahead.

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