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Genesee County’s Radio Amateurs Club has announced a philanthropic gift of sorts to the local elderly community.

The club is donating fifteen carbon monoxide detectors to the County Office for the Aging in a ceremony Wednesday morning. The units can be plugged into a wall, eliminating the costly need for batteries.

Radio Amateurs board member Ed Hollwedel says the gift is in line with the core values of radio amateurs.

"The Genesee Radio Amateurs Club tries to do things within the community to make the community safer, and a better place to live," explains Hollwedel. "We felt since these units are required by state law, that it would be advantageous for people to have them for their own safety, especially seniors."

Hollwedel says seniors may need more time to vacate the premises in a carbon monoxide emergency, necessitating the detectors.

The Genesee Radio Amateurs Club, or GRAM, is part of a worldwide community of HAM radio operators – a hobby of sorts, in which members become fully-licensed radio operators and communicate over a specific band of frequencies.

"It's a very highly technical hobby, that's grown into something that parallels our commercial radio systems," says Hollwedel. "We can speak and be heard basically throughout the Western New York area."

HAM radio is often credited in times of crisis as a fast and effective means of communication.

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