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According to City Manager it looks like the Mall Merchants may be out of money to continue legal battle.
City Manager Jason Molino indicated in a letter dated April 10th of this year that the Association’s cash position for the current fiscal year is at a deficit.
In the letter Obtained by our news partner the Batavian through a FOIL request Molino pointed out after detailing their payroll, mail maintenance fees, revenue to date, and estimated attorney fees, the  Mall Merchants Association is at a cash deficit of over 11 – hundred dollars.
The city is required to maintain all the Association billing and accounting and is subject to an annual audit per the 1987 Settlement Agreement between the City and Merchants Association.
The Mall Director Madeline Bialkowski refuted Molino’s claims, saying he is exaggerating the attorney fees and material costs for the past two months which are expected to be turned in next week.
She said there won’t be any deficit indicated when the bills come in.
Molino believes the lack of funding will complicate the efforts to come to final settlement.

LeRoy teenager facing 10 years for raping two children.
17 year old Leonard Hahn the fourth took another plea deal for a single count of First degree rape in Genesee County Court this week.
Last week Hahn took an identical plea bargain in Wyoming County Court for a separate incident of rape.
Hahn admitted in both courts to raping children in both Alabama and Attica.
Both plea deals promised no more than 10 years in state prison avoiding the possible 25 year sentence he would have faced in a trial conviction.

Mercy EMS plans to move out of the city to facility north of the Thruway in Batavia.
Mercy has plans to build a new larger facility on Call Parkway off of Route 98 in the Town of Batavia.
Mercy EMS General Manager Bill Schutt cites space as the issues with the current ambulance staging area at St. Jerome’s on Bank Street.  Schutt said “There’s no space.  We’re in essentially four old hospital rooms there. There’s very limited parking space, obviously, if you’ve been there. In winter times, it’s especially difficult.  Ambulances have fluids in them, medications that need to be kept warm, so you’re trying to run heaters inside them to warm them while parked outside.  We don’t have any space there to hold meetings, do training, any additional private spaces, very limited crew space."
The 2 million dollar site plan was reviewed and recommended for approval by the County Planning Board at their last meeting.
Schutt said the new location will have more functional space and will have no effect on response time.

Batavia bodyguard on watch for Secretary of State in Brussels.
Sgt. Terrence Irvin of Batavia was deployed to Brussels to watch the back of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.
The Marine Security Guard is currently serving as a guard attached to the State Department. 
Irvin is on the security detail until 2019 after which he hopes to start in law enforcement as a New York State Trooper.

Easter weekend means egg hunting season for children in Batavia and Pembroke.
The Kiwanis Club of Batavia is hosting their annual Easter Egg hunt beginning at 9 this morning in Centennial Park.
The Egg Hunt is on tomorrow at 12:15 p.m. at the Pembroke Town Park on Route 77 for the Pembroke Corfu Darien Kiwanis Club is hosting their Annual Easter.
There are thousands of eggs laid out for the celebration and the Easter Bunny will be hopping between both events.

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