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Mary Pat HancockMedicaid is the 800-pound gorilla in the room threatening to strangle the financial health out of Genesee County.
Legislature Chairwoman Mary Pat Hancock delivered her annual State of the County address last night before the regular meeting of the county legislature.
Just over 100 people attended, mostly of them county department heads.
In her 35-minutes address, Mrs. Hancock outlined the accomplishments of those departments over the past year.
She saved her criticism though for state government. Specifically, mandates…those programs required by the state without the funding to pay for them.
Number one on the list is Medicaid. New York offers the Cadillac of Medicaid services:
"We offer all 30 of the federally approved (Medicaid) program options. No other state does that.Certainly a look at the possible methods to reduce the overall cost of this program is warranted," Hancock said.
On average, state mandated programs consume 90 percent of county budgets across the state.

Read transcript of entire speech HERE

Photo Courtesy : The Batavian

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