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The name of the Bergen man killed on a snowmobile in Monroe County has now been released.

Pronounced dead at the scene was 37-year-old Thomas Bushman of North Lake Road, Bergen.

Bushman was operating his snowmobile late last night on Buffalo Road in the Town of Riga. A second snowmobile, driven by 19-year old Craig Heberle of Riga was riding nearby. The two snowmobiles were eastbound on the shoulder of the road on a bridge at about 10:00pm. A westbound vehicle apparently crossed the center line on the bridge and struck the two snowmobiles head-on.

The motorist was not injured. He got out of his car before it burst into flames. He was identified as 30-year-old Jason Angelo of Holley, Orleans County.

Heberle, the other snowmobiler who was struck, remains hospitalized. A third snowmobiler, Heberle's father John, was riding nearby as well, but was not injured.

The crash remains under investigation. No tickets have been filed.

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# Brianna Burlingame
Sunday, March 13, 2011 3:30 AM
My name is Brianna Burlingame. My father was Tom Bushman. Craig Heberle was only 16 not 19 and like a brother to me. i am more or less speaking my peace to anyone that reads this and thinks they can help. Our family never shared a same last name but our family was a family the same and our family is asking for help finding answers. my father has been dead a month, there was alcohol in his system, this information came from a monroe county sheriff over the phone but he informed me that even though alcohol was present in Jason Angelo's system 2 hours after the fact he informed me we weren't looking at criminal charges. I'm not pointing fingers and causing a scene. ruining someone elses life will not bring my father back. all i want to accomplish is finding out why that night Mr angelo would be more concerned with getting his back pack out of his car than checking on the two people he just hit. i wanna know why there is no common decency left and no apology has been heard from him. All i know is the guy is a corrections officer and he gets away with not so much as a ticket for crossing the yellow line. i want accident reports which they say aren't done yet, i want an autopsy report under the FOIL act i am entitled to it as his only living decendent. and no one will produce anything. i will not be quiet. my mother who lost her fiance, will not be quiet. my brother who lost his stepfather and wouldn't be here still if it weren't for my father, will not be quiet. Please. someone tell me something and not that your sorry for my loss. i'm not sorry he's gone, he's up there somewhere chasin' white tailed buck and is much happier. but this is senseless, and the way he went... i dont want to ever have to tell a mother their son is dead again. i just want answers. Please. 797-8470

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